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Just creepy.. and in which world is this a game for girls?
There are no medals and you want to go to the doctor just for having seen this, though he will not believe you. Ok, the no medal thing was not seriously, .. or was it? It's not a game, its a linear click- through and get sick gadget.

Maybe you should list it under gadgets and you can sell it to men who have pregnant wifes or girlfriends or maitresses or housekeepers so they can experience how sick the woman feels being pregnant. I mean come on.. did you play the gadget yourself?

And this is for children? I don't get it. And what is royal about it besides being a royal pain? Not everything will be improved by adding a crown? Or did you think ah well, lets make it royal,.. that'll work, its like poetry

Only problem is, your gadget doesnt rhyme..

Other than that.. well done for the coding

PS1: I need to go throw up now
PS2: really
PS3: no joke
PS4: sorry I was too sick to even write down PS4
PS5: or... was I?

Its not rocketscience :)

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1/2 star.

Starting from 5 stars:

5 stars
-1 for crappy graphics transition

4 stars
-1 for wierd gameplay, when do you win, what's the adventure

3 stars
- 1 1/2 for no effort into getting medals, just hit space (what's the point? why?!)

1 1/2 stars
+1/2 for a little time into programming

2 stars
-1 star for no music

1 star
-1/2 star for not using original content


ps1: what's the point?! overkill
ps2: just kidding, no im not
ps3: what a waste of time this review
ps4: so was yours :)
ps5: its not rocketscience

What is the point of this game besides getting medals which you get anyway? I played the game and got to 30 without clicking? If you make a game like this, you should add real life features to make it exciting, i.e. a girl ruining your life, taxes, getting fired and then add blazes of fire, everybody loves fire, there's not enough fire in the world. I think it misses fire to give it the extra pazang!

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